This tilt sensor uses solid state 3D-MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology to measure the
sensor's inclination relative to earth's gravity. It has a measurement range of ±60° and provides a 0.5 to
4.5Vdc output signal over this range, with a nominal 2.5Vdc at 0° tilt. This product's housing is manufactured
using  a corrosion resistance engineered polymer molding and has a protection rating of IP68. The tilt sensor
can withstand operating temperatures from -40°C to +125°C and has been tested to withstand shocks of
20,000g. With an EMC immunity of 100V/m, this inclinometer is ready for the harshest applications.
Inclinometers or tilt sensors
Penny + Giles is a world leader in the
manufacture of linear and rotary potentiometers
positioning measurement and joystick
Penny + Giles is a leading designer and manufacturer of specialist  equipment, position sensors and control
hardware for industrial, military and aerospace markets. The product range includes linear and rotary
position sensors; joystick controllers; draw wire (string pots); tilt sensors (inclinometers) and associated signal
conditioners. They are used to measure
stroke or displacement or positioning often in highly hostile

Penny + Giles' success in world markets results from innovative technology, creative designs, manufacturing
excellence and interactive customer support. For more than 50 years Penny + Giles has built an
unsurpassed store of experience which is supported by high precision engineering.

A wide variety of technologies are used to build the products including potentiometric, inductive, Hall effect,
Eddy current and 3D-MEMS ( Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems). These products are in used in aerospace,
construction, defense, marine, material handling, mining, motor sport,
off-highway, power generation, process control, robotics, timber and forestry, and transportation industries.
Measurement range
Supply voltage
2 ranges - 8 to 30Vdc unregulated
or 5Vdc regulated (4.75 to 5.25)
Supply current mA
Voltage proportional to tilt angle
Operational temperature
Up to -40°C to +125°C
10 to 200Hz (random) 12.6g - all
3m drop onto concrete (absolute
maximum 20,000g)
Inclinometer applications
Hydraulic lift systems
Road construction equipment
Cranes and booms
Scissor lifts
Agricultural vehicles
Container handling
No moving parts
Virtual infinite life
Infinite (or stepless) resolution
Capable of sensing the smallest displacement
Absolute measurement
No loss of tilt position on power down
Less than 6.5mA supply current
Low power consumption
Crush proof mounting flange
Allows re-use without damage
Rugged construction, sealed to IP68
Max reliability in hostile environments
CE approved
Confidence in EMC performance
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